About Normans

Norman Waterhouse is a proud South Australian firm with over 95 years of experience.

We are not just a law firm, but your partners in business.

Our practitioners are experienced in representing a wide range of public and private clients in both a national and international context.

We have strong links within global markets, including our longstanding ADVOC membership.

Many practitioners who have worked with the firm have been elevated to judicial roles, or have gone on to become prominent figures within the broader SA community.

What it means to be a part of Normans

Our practitioners are exposed to a wide range of legal experience and knowledge which extends across the entirety of the firm.

At Normans, we are not solely focused on meeting the immediate needs of our clients, but instead creating value add solutions that build successful long term relationships.

As part of our highly skilled team, graduates from our graduate program have the opportunity to develop high quality skills that our exceptional partners are known to possess, in addition to drawing upon the vast experience Normans as a firm has developed during its 95 years.

Our practitioners excel in an environment that encourages team work and collaboration whilst maintaining a strong focus on delivering high quality advice to clients. The Norman Waterhouse workplace culture celebrates opportunities and innovative ideas in a way that enriches positive collaboration and diversity of thought across our firm.