September 2016

Upcoming Events

Human Resources Masterclass
Friday 4 November 2016

Only 4 spaces remaining!

Following on from last year’s successful inaugural Human Resources Masterclass, the Norman Waterhouse Employment and Industrial Relations Team is pleased to announce that this year’s Human Resources Masterclass will be held on Friday, 4 November 2016.


Latest Legal Updates

Employment - What does “in the course” of employment mean?

In November 2013, the High Court of Australia (the High Court) in the case of Comcare v PVYW [2013] HCA 41 (PVWY) overturned the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia’s decision in determining that an employer was not liable to pay compensation to an employee who suffered injuries as a consequence of engaging in sexual intercourse in a motel while on a business trip. This case generated great interest across Australia as to the interpretation of the phrase “in the course” of employment.


Review of Council Decisions – the ‘merits review’ framework in South Australia

The legal framework for review of council decisions in South Australia is increasingly complex. Norman Waterhouse regularly assists councils and other government authorities with advice, dealings with inquiry agencies, representation in tribunals and courts, and the conduct of independent reviews and investigations.

Environment & Planning – Case law update – Zweck & Hebron Christadelphian Bible Camp Inc

In two recent ERD Court judgements, the Town of Gawler has successfully defended an appeal against a decision to refuse to allow fragmentation of agricultural land, while the Barossa Council has been further frustrated in its attempts to control the redevelopment of an existing use.

Zweck v Gawler

In 2015, the Full Court of the Supreme Court delivered judgement in Zweck v Town of Gawler [2015] SASCFC 172.

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