August 2016


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Human Resources Masterclass
Friday 4 November 2016

Only a few spaces remaining!

Following on from last year’s successful inaugural Human Resources Masterclass, the Norman Waterhouse Employment and Industrial Relations Team is pleased to announce that this year’s Human Resources Masterclass will be held on Friday, 4 November 2016.


Latest Legal Updates


Employment – Can an employee who is on parental leave be made redundant?

While it is not, strictly speaking, unlawful to make an employee who is on parental leave redundant, employers must always be mindful of their legal obligations regarding parental leave and related entitlements prior to making such a determination. An employer who fails to do so may risk pecuniary penalties and orders for compensation.   

Employment – The cost of abusing employee visa obligations

In the recent case of Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v Hallmark Computer Pty Ltd [2016] FCA 678, a Darwin computer services company, Hallmark Computer Pty Ltd (the Company) was ordered to pay a total penalty of $430,000 for 314 separate fortnightly contraventions of its sponsorship obligations to three foreign visa holders.


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